Working from home?

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We are seeing a big trend in the number of people who need to work from home due to COVID-19.  Whether you’re self-isolating or work have sent you off to work from home, we’re on hand to assist you with all your work-from-home tech requirements.


Dual screen computer

Workstation Setup

Need a home workstation setup pronto? Allow us to get all the tech sorted that you need to work from home.

Remote support

Remote Support

We can solve a lot of IT issues remotely, we use remote support software that allows us to see your screen, almost as if we're there with you.

zero contact dropoff pickup

Zero-Contact Computer Repair

We're now offering a zero-contact computer pick-up and drop-off repair service. We'll sanitise your PC on pickup and have it back to you in tip top shape.

0800 944 769


Fast & reliable internet & WIFi

Good internet connectivity is vital to your ability to communicate with your team mates and work from home.

Printer / Scanner

Depending on your work, you might need to print and scan documents.

Laptop or desktop computer

A fast computer that’s going to be as productive as you are is key to getting work done efficiently and on time.


Communication is crucial to warding off those work-from-home blues, being able to talk face-to-face is going to boost your mood and mindset.


Multiple computer screens are the best way to multitask on your computer and be as productive as possible.


Once you’ve got your technology sorted, it’s time to sort your work environment.

Desk & Chair

You’ll be far more productive in a comfortable upright chair and a table about waist height, than you would on a bean bag.
See our workstation posture infographic.

Separate work from leisure

When working from home it’s tempting to lounge around, but it’s best to treat it as a normal work day, get up early, shower and get stuck into it.

Natural Light

Having a good source of natural light where you work can help you stay focused. Avoid sitting directly infront of a window or you’ll strain your eyes trying to look at your computer screen.

Background noise

Everyone is different when it comes to staying on track, some people like silence while others prefer music or the noise of a busy city, experiment with what works for you.


Beds are made for sleeping, the novelty of being able to work in bed will wear off quickly so avoid the neck pain, sluggishness and your laptop overheating because of blocked cooling fans!


Christchurch, New Zealand

We work from a private office space in Halswell, Christchurch.

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